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Recent Results
Tyke - Sun, June 22
Iron Man -  4 5  - Green Lantern
Cpt. America -  3 0  - Incredibles
Batman -  3 5  - Thor
Superman -  5 4  - Flash
Novice - Sun, June 22
Incredibles -  9 2  - Batman
Flash -  1 4  - Cpt. America
Iron Man -  5 3  - Thor
Green Lantern -  3 5  - Superman
Atom - Sun, June 22
Cpt. America -  9 1  - Flash
Superman -  5 4  - Batman OT
Peewee - Sun, June 22
Superman -  1 1  - Green Lantern
Cpt. America -  2 3  - Incredibles

Congratulations to our Novice Milton Mad Dogs, 2014 OBHF Champs

Congratulations to our Houseleague Champs

TykeTeam Superman
NoviceTeam Superman
AtomTeam Superman
PeeweeTeam Incredibles

About MMBHL - Commmitment to Fun

The Milton Minor Ball Hockey League is designed to give kids ages 5 to 14 (born any time 2000-2009) the chance to enjoy hockey at the same level as the pick-up games you remember having as a kid on the street.

We provide a safe atmosphere with a chance for skill development away from the ice, where more kids are on a level playing field. We play inside the Milton arenas when the ice is generally removed from one or more of the rinks starting in April and ending when school is out in June. (see our schedule page for details)

For the more competitive-minded kids, while we go to lengths to ensure even play in our house-league games, a provincial tournament is available (usually in July) where we can compete against other leagues


2014 Season Info

Like last year we will be playing mostly on Sundays with a couple Saturdays (depending on age level, as little as one), often in two arenas on those days. We play in the arenas here in town and make use of whichever are available, with a preference for the Sports Centre. After the long weekend when more than one arena in the sports centre is available, we make every effort to have both those arenas for our use.

Mad Dogs Teams

Our Mad Dogs teams will be picked later into the season for 2014 - currently enough of our OBHF affiliates are unable to participate in a rep league. There will be one league for each age group, which span two years or birthdates. Contact us for more information.